The Conscious Campaign

Sustainable living can feel daunting at times. There are so many changes that can and should be made in all of our lives but we are big believers in taking small steps. To help you get started on your sustainability journey, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite brands for a giveaway unlike any other!


The Sustainability Starter Pack


Enter our competition to go in the running to win 1 of 10 Sustainability Starter Packs! Each pack features some truly impressive and stylish products from some of our favourite sustainable brands.

Valued at over AUD$200 each, the Sustainability Starter Pack contains:

  • A selection of Australian Organic Food Co. products
  • A Kappi Eco Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
  • A LuxeyCup Reusable Coffee Cup
  • A Tres Chic Shave Kit Razor
  • A Nue Bar Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Kit
  • A Biome Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • The Swag Large Produce Bag

An additional five winners will take home a stylish tote bag made from recycled plastic created by The OTHER Bag!


How to enter:

Head to our Facebook page or Instagram account, follow the directions on the competition posts and answer the promotional question: What is your top sustainability tip?


Our brand partners

We’re so excited to share this competition with you and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing partners. Learn all about the incredible things they’re doing for people and planet.



Kappi Bamboo Toothbrush

Kappi was founded by Em and Fred. When they started on their own zero-waste journey, they discovered that products already on the market were pretty daggy looking, way overpriced or (shock horror) packaged in plastic! So you could say that they created Kappi to fill their own desire for affordable, gorgeous and functional reusables. They designed products that will last you a lifetime, and are so good looking that you’ll never want anything else.


The Bamboo Toothbrush

Their sustainably-sourced Eco Bamboo Toothbrushes are perfect for family or individual use. Each toothbrush in the 4-pack is marked with a different symbol representing each of the four seasons. If you’re an individual, you’ve got one for each season, and if you are a family, you can choose which you like best!




Luxey Cup LUXCUPAndy and Sandra-Lea were buying organic, composting, growing veggies in the backyard, and reducing waste in all its forms, but they wanted to do more. Their dream was to make a positive contribution that reached far beyond their home. Aware that many environmental problems were caused by unnecessary waste, they focused on one area where they could effectively make a change. Through their love of design and innovation, the LUXEYCup was born.


Original LUX

The Original LUX is a ridiculously good looking reusable coffee cup fit to industry-standard drink sizes up to 12-ounces or 340 mls. It’s designed with a Reverse Force lid, which means it actually stays on! Made of Borosilicate Glass, it’s lighter and stronger than ordinary glass.



Tres Chic Shave Kit

Tres Chic Shave KitLiza and her teenage daughter AB are the brains behind Tres Chic Shave Kit (TCSK). In 2018, Liza took a trip to the supermarket to buy an appropriate women’s razor for her teenage daughter. As a passionate vegan and environmentally-conscious woman, the idea of purchasing a packet of plastic, disposable razors for her daughter just didn’t cut the mustard. She knew there had to be a better solution. That’s where Très Chic Shave Kit comes in. The beauty of a TCSK razor is that once you invest in it, you will never need to purchase another razor again!


Tres Chic Shave Kit Razor

This stunning bamboo safety razor limits ingrown hairs and razor irritation. Made from a zinc-based meta, it’s recyclable, safe, low cost, and zero emission.



Nue BarNueBar Travel Kit Shampoo and Conditioner

NueBar believes in caring for our planet and for your body. Care, craft and consciousness go into every aspect of every product they create. Their products are palm-oil free, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, contain no SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, petroleum by-products or artificial fragrances and are of course plastic-free. However, there is no need to compromise on performance when you have the best that green chemistry and nature can offer. Naturopathically formulated, their beautiful non-soap bars are concentrated, pH balanced, contain many organically-certified inputs and deliver the kind of results you are used to getting out of a bottle whilst minimising the impact on our precious environment.


The NueBar Travel Kit

It does not get much cuter than this — talk about travelling light! The NueBar Travel Kit is miniature in size and contains a 15-gram Shampoo and 15-gram Conditioner. All packaged in a tiny tin that fits in your pocket. The Travel Kit will last you about 2-3 weeks. No more hassles with bag spills or your goodies being confiscated at airports.




biome stainless steel water bottleBiome’s vision is to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wondrous planet for all who come after us. And to be frank, not just for the future, but for now! Since 2003, Biome has been obsessed with finding solutions to environmental challenges, scrutinising everything about the product to flush out any green-washing, hidden toxins or dubious ingredients. Wherever you are on the journey, Biome is here to help you with all the information you need to make an informed, confident decision that works for you.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Biome’s 500ml insulated stainless steel water bottles help you ditch disposable water bottles, reduce waste and save money. Its practical, simple, slimline design works for any occasion: school, work, at the gym, hiking or travel. Its double-wall vacuum insulation will keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 18 hours. Made from durable, high quality 304 stainless steel, Biome’s 500ml insulated stainless steel water bottle is leak-proof, lead-free and will last a lifetime.



The SwagThe Swag Produce Bag

Whenever we throw away food, we’re not only throwing out our hard-earned cash, we’re driving up the cost of all food and literally taking food from the mouths of the hungry. Food in your trash also generates harmful emissions. The Swag believes the only sustainable way out of our polluted mess is with compostable solutions. If you want your fruit and veggies to stay fresher for much longer, then you need to give them an environment they can thrive in.

What is The Swag?

The Swag is a breathable bag, meaning fruit and veggies stay fresher for much longer – naturally. Say ‘goodbye’ to plastic and ‘hello’ to natural freshness. The Swag is a simple yet effective solution for helping people around the world. Even better still, The Swag saves the average Aussie household roughly $1,500 per year in food waste!





The OTHER bag makes totes and crossbody bags from waste like ghost fishing nets rescued from the ocean floor, nylon waste from landfill and plastic bottles. That means no oil is used to create their fabrics. It’s perfect for carrying home groceries, or as a casual option for your phone, keys, and card. 1% goes to Healthy Seas, an initiative that retrieves ghost fishing nets that pose a threat to marine life, from seas and oceans around the world, meaning you’re developing better bag habits for your reusable life.


The Recycled-bottles Foldable Tote Bag


The Recycled-bottles Foldable Tote Bag is made from CYCLEPET®, a fabric woven from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Yes, the very things that end up in recycling bins. This recycled foldable tote packs into a compact portable pouch. Small enough to keep with you always and easy to squeeze into your bag so you’re organised and shopping-ready wherever you go.


Australian Organic Food Co juice and puree


Enter our competition today to go into the running to win one of ten Sustainability Starter Packs and start making a more positive impact on our environment. Together, with millions of small changes combined, we really can change our world. With the help of our incredible friends, we’re making the transition that little bit easier. Read the full terms and conditions and learn more about our sustainability mission. Entries close 6pm, 30 March 2020

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