Our Mission

This is our Journey, so far...

We believe in creating a sustainable and healthy future for Australia. However, we understand that currently, the state of our industrialised food systems stops us from doing so.

95% of our food comes from the soil, yet industrial and chemical-heavy farming (pesticides, herbicides, and other fossil-fuel based fertilisers) has depleted over 1/3 of the world’s fertile soil.

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Despite using the harmful industrial farming practices to increase yield, over ⅓ of the produce ends up wasted? This model of production doesn’t make sense.

Our lucky country has been blessed with soil that produces some of the finest organic food in the world. We’d be foolish not to protect and preserve it. We’ve partnered with regenerative and sustainable 100% Organic Aussie Farmers to tackle complex issues around food waste, soil regeneration, and supporting the organic industry.

Together, we’ve made a conscious decision to commit ourselves to be a part of the solution by supporting sustainable and natural growing methods.

Soil Health

What's the difference between conventional and organic farming?

Conventional Soil Condition Comparison
Organic Soil Condition Comparison
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Conventional Soil Condition Comparison Organic Soil Condition Comparison

Our Core Values

Our values are born from the urgency to do and be better, for our environment, future generations, farmers, and our soil - starting with these four promises


Supporting our Amazing Organic Farmers to do what they do best

We have steadily built a network of farmers who are working with us to make change. We will continue supporting our growing network of farmers. One way we have done this is by utilizing the ‘ugly’ or ‘wonky’ fruit and veggies that is denied by supermarkets based on cosmetic and superficial standards. We want to eliminate the stigma around ugly veg, and by doing this we have created an alternate revenue stream for our farmer partners, whilst decreasing unnecessary food waste. We will continue challenging our chef’s to make new and creative recipes from faultless produce organic farmer’s struggle to sell.


Full Transparency

At Australian Organic Food Co, we produce only 100% Organic and 100% Australian products. We are aiming to provide full produce journey transparency, from farm to plate. Starting from where it comes from, to when it hits the shelves. We’ve started with batch code produce tracking, allowing consumers to see what farm the ingredients in their products come from.  And that’s just the start, stay tuned to our impact page for more transparency in the future.


Developing wholesome, nutritious, and great tasting organic products

Our Chef’s work hard to provide the best tasting products possible, without any added artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives or thickeners. We will continue working creatively to bring you the best products, with the best Australian Organic ingredients.

We are committed to healthy people, healthy soil, happy organic farmers and a healthy planet. We will do what it takes to create a growing range of wholesome, healthy, sustainable and organic food and make it available to time-poor, hardworking Australian families.


Reducing unnecessary harm

We are focused on sustainability, and it’s an ongoing journey.  Our Packaging is not ideal or practical and we are searching the globe for a solution. We plan to change as soon as technology develops a recyclable or compostable option. Further, we are a signatory to the Australian packaging covenant organisation (APCO), which aims to deliver the best possible solutions to packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia. Learn more here. By joining APCO we have flagged the next step in our efforts to work collaboratively with industry to increase the sustainability of our packaging.

Our Packaging

All packaging in some form has an impact on the environment and there’s a lot of confusion about what has the lowest carbon footprint.Understanding end of life recycling is important as production methods for different packaging materials have differing impacts. Plastic pouches, lids, glass, metals, tins – what is best? We’ve outlined the packaging methods and their impacts below.

Where It All Began

Our Founder, Adrian, began his journey as a one-man-band – hauling home-grown fruit, vegetables and poultry from the back of a station-wagon to butchers and grocers across Melbourne.

Over the years he gradually built up his food manufacturing business, Flavour Makers. The business is still going strong: a family of 200 food lovers, factory teams, chefs, technicians and support staff that make magic happen.

“Dedicated to creating amazing food, we’re a band of passionate Australians, friends and true professionals who turn up and do the work.”

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