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Cricket ovals of organic farmland nurtured


Kilograms of organicvegetables harvested


Kilograms of ‘waste’produce rescued

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Soil Health

95% of our food come from the soil. Yet the current way we as a food industry farm the land means 1/3 of our soil is already severely degraded. The solution is right under our feet. By using organic and regenerative farming practices we can rebuild carbon in the soil. By supporting the Australian Organic Food Co you can become part of this solution.


Organic Farmers need confidence in volumes to plant and grow more delicious produce. The Australian Organic Food Co helps by providing a secondary market for what they grow. More and more consumers are understanding the importance of soil health and sustainability, and how they can impact our farmers by purchasing Australian organic food. As the range of Australian Organic Food Co product increases so can the support consumers provide our organic farmers.


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We partner with and support our organic farmers to grow, harvest, peel, chop and create 100% Australian organic food.

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