Make A Difference This World Environment Day

From devastating bushfires, an increase in food waste, to increasingly polluted seas, there’s no denying that our actions have an incredible impact on the planet. World Environment Day has been celebrated annually on the 5th of June since 1974, and encourages citizens, businesses and the government to turn their attention to pressing environmental issues, join #GenerationRestoration and take action.

You might be wondering how you can play your part to help revive and protect our ecosystems. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can contribute to World Environment Day, and you know what? Many of the following tips are not just great for the planet, but they are also great for your health and wellbeing.

1. Compost your food scraps, or better yet, repurpose your food waste
If you didn’t eat them in time, a lot of the staple foods in our pantry or refrigerator can be reused. Limp or wilted vegetables can be reused to make flavourful soups; stale bread can be put in the grinder to make breadcrumbs and the peels or zest of your citrus fruits can be used to improve the scents of your waste. From what can’t be saved, make sure that you compost your food scraps. This is a natural process where microorganisms biodegrade food waste, turning it into an earthy and nutrient-rich material that promotes healthy soil. Use it to feed your own garden, as it’s an affordable and organic alternative to purchased fertiliser!

2. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
Eco-friendly cleaning products are beneficial to both the environment and your health as they can improve the air quality of your home by getting rid of harsh chemicals. The more natural ingredients your household contains, the better for you, your family and the planet.

3. Declutter your home
Whilst spring cleaning is good for the soul, remember to give your unwanted belongings another life. Sort your unwanted things into piles, from items that can be donated to charity, to those that can be recycled or resold. By selling or giving away these possessions, this reduces the need for more products to be manufactured and therefore uses fewer resources.

4. Grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables
Growing your own organic garden is a wonderful way to celebrate World Environment Day. You don’t have to be a pro – all you have to be is proactive. Home organic gardening helps to reduce mass agricultural production, which is responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Support both local grocers and brands that have a sustainable impact on food produce
If you’re not an organic gardener, try buying locally grown food. Food grown locally travels a shorter distance to reach your plate, cutting down on ‘food miles’. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving your carbon footprint. By purchasing local, you are also supporting the local economy, as well as local farmers. At Australian Organic Food Co, we work with organic farmers, and find a use for their ‘wonky’ fruit and veggies. These fruit and veggies usually go to waste, but we turn them into incredible products like our Australian organic soups, pasta sauces and fruit purees! Find our range at Woolworths, Coles and online at

How else are Australian Organic Food Co making a difference to the environment?

Have you noticed a little ‘8’ logo on the top of our new packaging lately? Australian Organic Food Co is proud to announce their partnership with Carbon 8, a registered charity who have the goal to transition Australian farmers to regenerative agriculture, and support them to rebuild the carbon (aka organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%. What separates Carbon8 from other charities? The main difference is that Carbon8 goes one step further to analyse the impact that they have on the environment, leading to healthier produce, water retention, carbon drawdown, and improved biodiversity that supports climate stability through functioning ecosystems. 

You can learn more about Carbon8 and their wonderful mission & goals here.

World Environment Day may be celebrated once a year, but our actions and the  steps taken towards a more sustainable future matter every single day. How are you going to make a difference today?