Feeding The World With Organic Farming | Jamie Durie’s Groundswell

In Jamie Durie’s groundbreaking new series, Groundswell, he’s on a mission to inspire people around the world to make their homes and lives more sustainable. It’s all about safeguarding the planet for future generations and in the latest installment, ‘Feeding The World With Organic Farming’, Jamie explores the role organic agriculture will play in feeding us all in the future.

In this episode, Jamie heads to the beautiful Victorian countryside to visit farms growing the organic way, and to find out why companies like Australian Organic Food Co. are trying to encourage more people to join the organic food movement.

Learn all about the current state of agriculture in Australia and what organic farming brings to the table in this episode with interviews from Australian Organic Food Co. founder, Adrian Cester, and some of our farming partners including David Keens from Manna Farms, Adam Bremner from Wombat Forest Organics and Nathan Free from Wattle Organic Farms.



63% of the world’s certified organic farming land is in Australia! The landmass that we have in Australia is immense and a lot of that land is untouched by chemicals. It’s a great place to grow good quality, clean produce.

With one third of the world’s soil already degraded, it’s never been more important to put the focus back on soil health. Australian organic farmers know they’re doing right by consumers, the land, and the community long term. At Australian Organic Food Co., we’re proud to support organic farmers all around Australia working hard to protect and promote soil health for future generations.

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