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Apple & Strawberry Fruit Puree

The 100% organic apple and strawberry fruit puree you are holding is lovingly prepared by our extended Australian family – grown, harvested, cooked and then sealed with love, to keep the freshness in and no added preservatives- 100 % better for Australia and for you !

Your Purchase is directly supporting this organic farmer :

Adam Bremner from Wombat Forest Organics ( Scroll down for more details)

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

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Adam Bremner

Wombat Forest Organics

Adam Bremnar is a sixth-generation farmer, based near Daysleford in Victoria. His Farm Wombat Forest Organics has been certified organic for more than 30 years. Adam supplies Australian Organics Food Co with a delicious range of carrots, beetroot, potatoes & strawberries that are used in a range of products including soups, Purees & Juices.

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