Carbon Eight Launches Carbon8 Regen Community Of Practice

At the Australian Organic Food Co., we take great pride in supporting initiatives that promote sustainable and regenerative agriculture. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Carbon Eight, an organisation created by farmers for farmers, dedicated to paving the way towards a regenerative future. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower Aussie farmers to implement regenerative practices, fostering a community that shares knowledge, resources, and support for a brighter and more sustainable agricultural landscape.

Are you looking for support on your regenerative journey? We have some exciting news to share! The first of its kind in Australia, Carbon8 Regen Community Of Practice is the new groundbreaking initiative from Carbon Eight. It serves as a supportive hub for farmers who are committed to their regenerative journey, offering valuable resources, guidance, and a space to connect with like-minded individuals. Led by expert coaches and specialists in the field, this community provides a nurturing environment to exchange ideas, learn practical skills, and collaborate on innovative solutions.

If you are on your regenerative journey and seeking valuable support and guidance, Carbon8 Regen Community Of Practice is tailor-made for you. By joining, you’ll become part of a vibrant community with access to a wealth of resources. Whether you’re just starting or well along the regenerative path, you’ll be united with farmers at all stages, creating a space to share knowledge and move closer to your on-farm goals. To learn more, visit Carbon8 today.