Carbon8 Partnership

Australian Organic Food Co has proudly partnered with Carbon8.

Carbon8 is a farmer-led initiative that is responding to the current impact of droughts, floods, and desertification by supporting our farmers to increase the carbon in their soil and help them transition to regenerative agriculture.

Carbon8 originated as a solution to the 2017 NSW/QLD drought by a farmer, an accountant and an artist. Carbon8 was a response to the impact the drought was having in lives and in rural communities. In time when the only support offered was short-term band-aid solutions, Carbon8 responded by seeking out the true cause and the true long term solutions to drought.




Carbon8’s Goals

Written by the team at Carbon8.

Drought Proof Agriculture

Depleted soil with low levels of carbon cannot hold water. If you increase the carbon in the soil, you increase the water holding capacity. Healthier soil holds water and sustains all forms of life which reduces the severity of floods, droughts and desertification. It is all restorable. It is all regenerative. It can all happen very quickly.

Support Farmers Build Top Soil

The future for Australia depends on the future of our soil. The most meaningful indicator for the health of the land, and the long-term wealth of a nation, is whether soil is being formed or lost. If soil is being lost, so too is the economic and ecological foundation on which production and conservation are based. The building of new topsoil depends on us, and our future depends on building new topsoil. This is the greatest challenge facing modern agriculture.

Heal the Heart of our Food-Chain

The true superfoods are foods grown in carbon rich soil. The difference in nutrient values between an average supermarket carrot grown using conventional farming methods and one grown using regenerative methods is up to 20,000%. Which means consumers would have to eat 200 supermarket carrots to equal the health value of one chemical free regenerative carrot. We are in the 3rd generation of a low to almost zero nutritional diet which has resulted in a severe increase in physical and mental health issues. We need to heal the heart of our food-chain by supporting farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.

For more information about Carbon8, please visit their website here