Tomato and Basil Napoli Pasta Sauce

  • Grown Without Synthetic Pesticides or Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • GMO Free
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours
  • No Added Sugar
  • BPA Free packaging
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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Product Information

Ingredients Include:

Organic Tomatoes (80%) [Reconstituted Puree, Diced], Organic Onion, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Carrot Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Organic Basil (1%), Organic Garlic, Organic Lemon Juice.

Servings Per Package: Approx 4

Servings Size: Approx: 100g

Average Qty per Serve

Average Qty per

Energy kJ 314 314 Energy ckal 75 75 Protein 2.1 2.1 Fat - Total 4.1 4.1 - Saturated < 1 < 1 Carbohydrates - Total 5.6 5.6 - Sugar 5.5 5.5 Sodium 469 469


No Added Sugar


Our packaging is recyclable with Redcycle. Simply clean and dry your soup package after use, and return to the dedicated bins at most supermarkets. For more information, visit

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