WEDGETAIL FOOD AND FIBRE was established in 2016 in partnership with Kilter Rural.

Australians love a good pasta, and as a result a good passata! So when we needed some organic tomatoes for our new range of Australian Organic Food Co sauces, we needed to partner a big player in organic farming. Kilter Rural and Wedgetail Food & Fibre had a vision to produce the first organic commercial field processing tomatoes in Australia. Yep, in 2019…. the first. Planted in the spring, the equivalent of 50 cricket ovals resulted in green foliage spotted with deliciously sweet red tomatoes which were harvested in early 2019, and thankfully the first crop was of excellent quality. Growing organic tomatoes is a costly exercise due to the inputs and the low yield at harvest time. Like many organic crops the biggest challenge is getting the nutrient profile of the soil right – something achieved on this occasion by the use of chicken manure.

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