Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

A quick, simple and nutritious recipe that makes for a great breakfast or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The trick to getting the perfectly textured smoothie bowl is how you blend it – if you blend the ingredients on high from the get-go, everything will melt and become too watery. By blending the ingredients on low, you’ll get a creamier and softer texture that is perfect for scooping!

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 0 minutes | Serves 4

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Smoothie Bowl

  • one pouch Apple & Strawberry Fruit Puree
  • four cups frozen mixed berries
  • two cup chopped watermelon
  • half cup coconut yogurt
  • mint leaves

Toppings (optional)

  • half cup oats
  • four strawberries, sliced
  • two green kiwi fruits, sliced
  • mint leaves
  • eight slices watermelon


1. Wash mint leaves, fresh strawberries, watermelon and kiwi fruit to be used for toppings. Slice strawberries, watermelon, and kiwi fruit and set aside for later.

2. Chop up watermelon to be blended into the smoothie.

3. Add frozen berries and puree into a blender, and blend until most of them are blended with small bits remaining.

4. Add watermelon and coconut yogurt and blend on a lower setting until peaks can hold their shape in the mixture.

5. Scoop into four bowls. Top with oats and recommended fruit, or with your favorite toppings.


Australian Organic Food Co Berry Bowl Smoothie with Strawberries, Kiwi and Watermelon

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