Our Mission


At the Australian Organic Food Co, we believe in creating a sustainable and healthy future for Australia. However, we understand that currently, the state of our industrialised food systems makes it hard to do so. So, we’ve set out for change, to set the bar to do better. We are starting with our network of amazing Australian Organic farmers, and the soil beneath our feet, delivering a range of delicious soups and fruit purees.
Image from: Wombat Forest Organics, Daylesford

We use only 100% Organic and 100% Australian ingredients. Nothing else. That’s good for you, the country, and our environment.

95% of our food comes from the soil, yet industrial and chemical-heavy farming has depleted over a third of the world’s fertile soil. Despite using the harmful industrial farming practices to increase yield, over a third of the produce ends up wasted. This model of production doesn’t make sense. Our lucky country has been blessed with soil that produces some of the finest organic food in the world. We’d be foolish not to protect and preserve it.

We’ve partnered with regenerative and sustainable Organic Australian Farmers to tackle complex issues around food waste, soil regeneration, and in doing so are supporting the organic industry. Together, we’ve made a conscious decision to commit ourselves to be a part of the solution by supporting sustainable and natural growing methods.

But we need your help. The only way this all works is if there is demand for clean, local organic produce. Try our range today, and help us create a sustainable future for all Australians.

OUR packaging

Sadly our pouch packs are not recyclable. This is clearly not ideal or practical and we are searching the globe for a solution. We plan to change as soon as technology develops a recyclable or compostable option.

Further, we are a signatory to the Australian packaging covenant organisation (APCO), which aims to deliver the best possible solutions to packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia. Learn more here.

By joining APCO we have flagged the next step in our efforts to work collaboratively with industry to increase the sustainability of our packaging.

There is much confusion about plastic pouch versus glass versus tin, but it is our understanding that overall pouch has the lowest carbon footprint of all options.