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Thank you for helping us to create 100% Australian organic food, grown in a regenerative way to sustain us, our land and our planet.

The Beef, Quinoa & Vegetable Soup you’re holding has been lovingly prepared by our extended Australian family – grown, harvested, cooked, then sealed to keep the freshness in, no preservatives necessary.

AOFCo Beef Quinoa Vegetable Soup

Your purchase is directly supporting these two Australian organic farms:

  • Lockyer Valley Organics (Onion, Carrot, Potatoes)
  • Busch Organics (Celery, Green Beans)

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


Beef Quinoa Veg Produce Colour


Meet the farmer who grew your 100% Australian organic onions, carrots and potatoes

Anthony Bauer from Lockyer Valley Organics in Queensland is a fifth generation farmer. When he says he loves the land, he really means it.

In 1885, his family first established farming land in beautiful Lockyer Valley, an extremely fertile farming region known as “Australia’s Salad Bowl”.

Thirty years ago, they made the decision to go organic, choosing not to use any pesticides or chemicals on their farm. Now they produce some of Australia’s most sought-after certified organic carrots, ginger, potatoes, turmeric and celery.

At Lockyer Valley Organics, every farming decision is made to reduce environmental impact, including weeding the farm manually and reducing water use with drip irrigation. In one area of land that they converted to organics, it took them 10 years to get the soil healthy again. That’s commitment to a sustainable future for Australia.

“I love where I live and farm.” says Anthony. “Here in Mt Sylvia the climate, the soil and the pure water combine to create a very special place. I love seeing the different and beautiful changes that the farm goes though each year.”