The Story

Picture this

Australia, food bowl to Asia and breadbasket for the world.

Healthy, natural, organic food. Grown and manufactured in a truly sustainable way.

Food that promotes and sustains our agricultural workforce, our soil and our nation; feeding millions and supporting millions more.

Think Organic. Think Australia

That’s our vision and we’ve started with Soup. We’ve saved tens of thousands of tons of fresh organic produce from going to waste and we created 8 chef-crafted soups.


Because it just makes sense.

It’s the only sustainable solution. We simply cannot afford to go on treating our planet the way we are. It makes no sense at all.

It makes commercial sense – a fair price for our farmers’ products, a fair wage for manufacturers, a fair go for our land, our soil and a fair outcome for all.

It’s the right thing to do. For my family, all our families across this great nation. Our land supports us; now, if we want this to continue, we must support our land too.  

Our Commitment

Do what it takes to create a growing range of healthy, sustainable food and make it available to hard-working, time-poor, Australian families across the nation.

Produce only 100% organic and 100% Australian food. Nothing else.


Where are we now?