This is Our Story. So Far.

30 years ago

Our Founder, Adrian, began his journey as a one-man-band – hauling home-grown fruit, vegetables and poultry from the back of a station-wagon to butchers and grocers across Melbourne. Over the years he gradually built up his food manufacturing business,  Flavour Makers. The business is still going strong: a family of 150 food lovers, factory teams, chefs, technicians and support staff that make magic happen.

Dedicated to creating amazing food, we’re a band of passionate Australians, friends and true professionals who turn up and do the work.

A new beginning

Over the years, agriculture and food systems in Australia, and around the world have radically changed. Now it’s our turn to embrace that change and dive into it.

The Australian Organic Food Company and our first range of 8 soups, has seen the beginning of that change.

While we’ve engaged Flavour Makers to produce those soups and the ranges to follow, we’re also working with them and other manufacturers to make the change to only producing 100% Australian and 100% Organic food. This might not happen overnight, but we’ve taken the first step on what we know will be a long and pioneering journey.

We hope you’ll stick with us.

A journey of hope

The Australian agricultural sector has a lot to be hopeful about. For starters, 53% of the world’s organic farmland is right here, beneath our feet.

And it’s full of promise.

Our lucky country has been blessed with soil that produces some of the finest organic food in the world. We’d be foolish not to protect it; not to preserve it.

We understand that this new path presents all manner of challenges that many would shrink away from. But to do so would be to sell ourselves short.

Our journey’s purpose is clear: to sustain and develop our agricultural land – and to produce 100% Australian organic food that’s grown in a truly regenerative way.

This is the path we’ve chosen. It’s one that leads to sustainable food that supports our agricultural sector and protects our fragile planet.