This is Our Story. So Far.

It all began from the back of a station wagon, 30 years ago

Our Founder, Adrian, began his journey as a one-man-band – hauling home-grown fruit, vegetables and poultry from the back of a station-wagon to butchers and grocers across Melbourne. Over the years he gradually built up Flavour Makers. Today, we’re a family of 150 fervent food lovers, factory workers, chefs, technicians and support staff that make magic happen.

Dedicated to creating amazing food, we’re a band of passionate Australians, friends and true professionals who turn up and do the work.

And it sure is humbling to have got this far…

But a new beginning has well and truly arrived for us

We could sit back, take it all in – and even stop right here. But that’s not about to happen. We haven’t chosen that approach for three decades. Why would we start now?

For all of us at the Australian Organic Food Co, we’ve hit the beginning of a new beginning. Today. Right now.

And our pledge from this very moment is to devote ourselves to the long-term sustainability of Australia’s unique position as a fertile land.

Our lucky country has been blessed with soil that produces some of the finest organic food in the world. We’d be foolish not to protect it; not to preserve it.

It’s a journey filled with hope

The Australian agricultural sector has a lot to be hopeful about. For starters, 53% of the world’s organic farmland is right here. Beneath our feet.

And it’s full of promise.

Of course we understand that this new path presents all manner of challenges that many would shrink away from. But to do so would hardly be pioneering.

Our journey’s purpose is clear: to sustain and develop our agricultural land – and to produce 100% Australian organic food that’s grown in a truly regenerative way. This is the path we’ve set out on, and it’s one that leads to sustainable food that supports our agricultural sector and protects our fragile planet.

Let this new beginning, begin.

It’s a long journey

To package our very first range we turned to the hugely reliable foil pouch. While they’re the best solution for now, we realise they’re not exactly 100% better for the future, and frankly that sucks.

Yes they are lighter, reducing our transport energy emissions, and give our product a long shelf-life (so not only can you keep it in the cupboard longer but we can too, reducing food waste), but, they’re not recyclable, and that needs to change.

The longest journey starts with the smallest step, so while we’re creating a secondary market for organic produce, we’re also working hard on our packaging so that our products are as eco-friendly as possible, inside and out. Please bear with us on this journey and keep enjoying our 100% organic and 100% Australian soups.